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durham league bowling


Here at Village Lanes, we are always looking  for people that want to bowl and have a good time.  If that is you, then you would make a great league bowler! What better way than to bowl every week while hanging out with your friends, watching the game and have a cold beer. We offer a  number of different bowling leagues; from competitive bowling leagues to the just plain old fun bowling leagues. We also believe bowling should for all ages, so we offer Youth & Senior Leagues as well. Take a look at the leagues we have to offer and choose which one fits best.

Benefits of Being a League Bowler


Discount Rates on Open Bowling

Chance of win Scholarship Money (Youth)

End-of-Season Exclusive League Events

Affordable  League Linage Fees 

Chance to win End-of-Season Payout (cash prize)

Food & Drink Discount

Learn How to Bowl Better than all of your Friends

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